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Is Yoga Teacher Training for You?

Want to take your life and your yoga practice to a whole different level? Students often ask should I take yoga instructor training. I’m not sure I want to teach. I always say YES!!!! The value in learning is never wasted. 

Here are just a few reasons  why teacher training makes sense whether or not you want to teach:

  1.  Get to know yourself: The practice of yoga is to learn about yourself at the deepest of levels. Teacher training does this at breakneck speed. You are taught to teach others AND learn about yourself. It’s nothing short of a life transformation.
  2. Anatomy of Yoga: Want to deepen your knowledge of poses, alignment and their modifications? You get all that and more in teacher training. It’s hard to get detailed instruction on your practice in group classes. Teacher training allows you to learn the poses and apply it to your practice!
  3. Challenge your body: Teacher is labor intensive. You’ll be practicing yoga a lot. It’ll test your limitations and your ability to overcome the mental weaknesses that keep you away from a consistent practice.
  4. Explore the deeper dimensions of yoga: The poses are just a fraction of the total sum of yoga. Learn about the history, philosophy, language and lineages of yoga. You’ll learn how the practice originated and learn it’s timeline of evolution. Best part is you go deep into the philosophy that will be an invaluable tool for self transformation for the rest of your life.
  5. Improve your stage presence: Or as in my case, create a stage presence. Are you scared of speaking in public? Does you confidence need a little boost? This will help and probably cure any stage fright. I used to have terrible stage fright. The act of teaching many times in front of peers fixed that. I found comfort knowing that I wasn’t the only one. Now, it couldn’t phase me in the least. THAT alone was worth the price of the program.

Yoga teacher training changed my life! COMPLETELY! If you have any questions ask us at the studio. Forgive us if we overflow with excitement. We just know what it feels like on the other side of the training.

Check out our yoga teacher training program starting in June 2017!